Is It Legal To Grow Cannabis Indoors In Canada?

State of Cannabis Legalization In Canada

It’s great that cannabis is being legalized.

People who smoke will smoke.

They will do what they must to secure cannabis.

It’s truly a life-changing drug. No doubt about it.

However, I don’t have good things to say about how the Canadian government is executing marijuana legalization.

Legalization is the first step, but the Canadian government must make their cannabis products price competitive against drug dealers on the streets.

People who aren’t cannabis enthusiasts, your occasional cannabis consumers and individuals who has never tried cannabis, are definitely going to purchase cannabis from government stores like OCS.

However, enthusiasts who smoke a lot and do spend a lot of money on cannabis are going to demand for competitive pricing.

If they’re already familiar with dealers, it makes no sense for them to purchase from government stores for a higher price.

Yes, the transaction is legal, but in an atmosphere where people aren’t risking heavy criminal charges for purchasing weed in the black market, stores like OCS won’t attract cannabis enthusiasts.

At the moment, OCS prices go anywhere from CAD10-15 per gram.

However, through Mail-in-Orders, I can easily purchase 1 oz of cannabis for CAD100.

That makes purchasing cannabis from OCS or other government agency stores incredibly unwise.

The government does need time to properly execute marijuana legalization.

It has been only a couple months since official legalization in October 2018, and it’s been about a year since Prime Minister Trudeau started talking about legalization.

That was during his 2015 election campaign.

Trudeau called for legalization and he kept his word.

However, in order to live up to those promises, Trudeau needs to execute the sale of cannabis well.

That’s not all.

Currently, sale of cannabis is restricted to ages 18 years and older.

That’s the same standard for buying cigarettes.

But, what about cannabis-related products like glass bongs, pipes, and portable vaporizers?

Purchasing cannabis-related products online do not require age verification.

However, if they are intended for cannabis use, then should they be regulated?

These are market questions we’ll be looking into as marijuana legalization matures.

What is also true is that there’s many different online outlets online educating people about cannabis and providing quality review of their cannabis products.

For instance, Blaze4Days provides one of the best cbd vape oil reviews, and as well as other cannabis-related products like dry herb portable vaporizers.

Here’s a direct link to their CBD page:

CBD is a big marijuana topic led-deng will cover on a different post.


What You Need (Under $200)

You can easily find the products below at your local hardware store.

You do have the option of purchasing closet grow kits, but those can cost an upward of $400 plus.

We’re going to address every single item you would need to start growing cannabis at home.

All these items, you can find variations at local or online stores.

Most items on the list, it won’t be a big problem if you buy it low quality.

However, for seeds and top soil, I would double check on quality.

Do the vendors have a history of selling seeds? Are there any reviews of the top soil brand you’re purchasing?

I would do a double check.

Moving forward, the next concern is the grow area.

In this article, we’re talking about cannabis closets.

However, you can apply the same grow formula for attics, basements, custom grow boxes, and etc.

The ideal cannabis growth space has to be well ventilated, tall enough for cannabis plants to grow (for desired height), and spacious enough for other equipment like lighting, ventilation, and if necessary, insulation to trap inside the cannabis smell and to prevent light leakage.

The most technical part of setting up a cannabis closet (or any cannabis grow space for that matter) is the lighting and ventilation.

There are many different types of lighting you can use for growing cannabis.

  • T5 Fluorescent Lighting (80-100W+ per sq ft)
  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Bulbs (80-100W+ per sq ft)
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps (50-80w per sq ft)
  • LED (Light-emitting Diode) Lighting (50-80w per sq ft)

Please avoid using incandescent or any other lighting not listed in the above.

Again, lighting is mostly necessary if you want to speed up the growth process.

Obviously, cannabis grows perfectly fine under natural light, but this will take a long process.

Plus, not all climates provide optimal conditions for cultivating cannabis.


Growing Cannabis

How do you germinate your cannabis seeds?

You can place them inside a damp, wet paper towel in a dark place to begin.

Squeeze them inside a shot glass. That’s the size you’re looking for.

If you want to germinate via soil, I’d suggest wetting the soil first.

Stick the cannabis seed all the way to the near bottom.

Don’t compact the dirt too much after.

It’s going to be more difficult for the cannabis plant to sprout out.

Moving forward, turn on the lighting for 24 hours a day.

Typically, cannabis seeds sprout within 10 days.

Once the seed sprouts, water as you go.


Risks Of Large Scale Grow-Operations

Even before cannabis legalization hit Canada in October 2018, many individuals have built their own DIY cannabis grow-op closet since the dawn of time.

Typically, grow-ops are done in a big scale.

Many end up being found and confiscated by the local police b/c such operation requires a lot of electricity.

Not to mention, it produces a lot of heat as well.

Police helicopters can easily detect heat radiating from your household.

Even if the grow-operation goes through without law-enforcement noticing, the humidity is likely to wreck your house.

High humidity is associated with mold and fungal growth.

Recovering a house from mold infection is a tough and expensive job.

That reason alone is big enough for me to stay away from starting a grow-operation.

However, I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Consuming marijuana is legal.

This includes growing cannabis plants, but only up to four per household.

That is the new Canadian law.

I could careless about owning a giant cannabis grow operation.

Growing cannabis, when done on a big scale, entails a lot of work.

That’s for individuals who want to make a sale.

If you ever want to do that, I would strongly advise acquiring a legal cannabis business license from the Government of Canada.

The license can be acquired through CRA.

However, I should note that you need to have a reserved capital of CAD5-500 thousand dollars.

The CRA is likely to do an extensive audit of your financial history as well as criminal history.

I read from Canadian media outlets that business owners who already have storefront dispensaries selling cannabis across Canada are being rejected.

Why? This is because they likely have a history of criminal record in selling cannabis in the past.

Setting up a storefront dispensary was never legal.

It’s not a business model people who never associated with cannabis would go for.

Even before the Liberal government made an official announcement about its intentions of making cannabis legalized, hundreds of these dispensaries were popping up all across Canada.

When I say hundred I am not exaggerating.

For example, in the city of Vancouver, there are more marijuana storefront dispensaries than there are McDonald’s.

Cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto already had a well established cannabis market and consumer-base.

The major difference was that all the transactions were being done in the black market, everywhere including high schools, campuses, and low-income neighborhoods.